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Today, a website is no longer about first impression and it's no longer about how yours is better than mine.

Instead of asking "do you have a website?", business owners are now asking "how much sales are from the website?"

Today, a website is about conversion. It's time to make the decision to convert your website traffic to more sales leads.

It's time to ask yourself…

Is my website effective enough?

Contact us to find out

Simpleet is a Malaysia website design and development company. We rethink, design and build websites to match business objectives. Plus, our solutions are made for users - like yourself.

We love thinking out of the box, brainstorm and share ideas on how you can boost your conversion and lead generation.

To date, we've worked with technology-driven corporations in various industries from printing, healthcare, trainers and more. When we're not directly working with the client, we might be consulting from the shadows of other agencies.

Our previous clients have said

Danny and his partner Hawk, has worked very very well in my project presenting every possible aspects that I might have missed out. Their attitude towards the business is tremendously professional and excellent working ethics. I would recommend ANYONE who wants to build a website or an application development to them since I've found the right working partner. Web developers are everywhere, they simply made it different and managed to stand out of others. 6 STARS!
Rayson Goh, March 19, 2009
I first chanced upon Simpleet through surfing the net. It was really astounding that I decided to engage their services simply through a phone conversation, and right from the start till the end of building 2 sites, never did I once meet up with them!! They're a great listener and I am very happy that they managed to translate what I wanted into sites that not only look great, but are also functional solutions to my business needs.
Natasha Khoo, April 12, 2010

Danny is an excellent designer to work with. When designing websites he focuses not only on the aesthetics but also on quantifiable business results.

We commissioned Danny to work on our BankTech Asia website and it has seen a spiked increase in enquiries.

All in all we're very satisfied with his work.
Vincent Fong, January 14, 2013

This has been convincing, but…
where is your portfolio?

Good question. And you're not the only one who's asked this.

The mystery of the missing portfolio is an internal experiment being conducted. If you'd like to learn more about the work we've done, do tell us more about your project and make a note to request our portfolio.

We've survived countless NDAs and thick 30-page agreements so far…
we should be able to handle your enquiry with the highest confidentiality.

If necessary, we know an awesome lawyer to draft an NDA.